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How Foreign Governments are Affecting International Students

The international student life, can be affected in many ways. One of them is to be depending on the economics (and laws) of the country of origin of the student. For example, in Argentina you have many reasons to be worried about when you come to study abroad. The economics of Argentina are falling down drastically in the past years as well as the local currency.

This is a major problem for the planning of coming to study abroad. When an Argentinian student came to study to the US in August 2017 for the fall semester, the USD was worth of 17 pesos. Along these three years, with tax raises and even worse economy, one 1 dollar is worth of 140 pesos. This high price is including a 30% tax that was imposed to the people of Argentina for buying goods and services of international currencies. On the other hand, the salary of the local people remains exactly the same as the previous three years. So, when you come to study abroad, and your country is not economically stable, you have to make sure that the price that you will pay can be multiplied.

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